Silent Voice
Acrylics on Canvas

This painting, titled “Silent Voice”, is hanging in my pottery shop window. I had it printed on to the canvas bags last year, which you are able to purchase. I have just hit a personal goal with my pottery shop of 20 years. Each piece of my artwork is a page of my life or diary. I decided to share the meaning of this painting. Most people, I’m sure, think its meaning is about being Deaf & sign language, but it is not.

Silent Voice is inside of you. Life throws many obstacles at you, which can feel endless. People & situations will push you down. They will knock you off course. You will fail many times. No one can succeed without failing a million times. Everyone has a Silent Voice inside of them. That Silent Voice is the one that yells at you to get back up! That Silent Voice is there, when you want to quit. That Silent Voice is the one that yells at you No! You will not quit! You can do it! Keep trying! That Silent Voice is the one you must listen to the most! The Silent Voice is in everyone. Just listen. Let that Silent Voice be Loud!