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Artist’s Statement by Amanda Klinger
I was born completely hearing. At age 25, I began to
become completely Deaf within the next year & a half.
 They say the other senses heighten when you lose one. 
My artwork has not changed,
but has been enhanced by my deafness. 
My focus is not only on the positive space, but also the negative space.
 I build a pot and carve it away to create the flow of sound. 
I add candles to some of my pieces to create
positive space within the negative space. 
The candle light shining through the carvings
transforms the pot into another art piece. 
Some titles of my works may confuse the observer until they are lit.
  My uncarved pieces are my “silent” pots. 
They stand alone in a noisy world that does not listen.
  Sometimes you hear better with your eyes & hands.

My canvas paintings are not “pretty” paintings.
 I paint heavily with a chaos of colors
to create different textures, movements &
emotions throughout the canvas.
 My paintings have brought my frustrations of ignorance to the surface.    
 People think I am missing something.
They do not realize that I am not sad by my deafness.
  Have you ever thought what you may be missing
from all the noise of ignorance?
See my Deaf voice within my paintings. 
I hear what you cannot see.


If you are interested in purchasing artwork,
then contact me via email.

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